THE STORY OF MY LIFE  by Helen Keller

  The editor's note in Aziloth Books' 2017 edition of The Story of my Life points out that the original 1903 edition contained a short preface by the editor, John Albert Macey, and a supplemental account of Helen Keller's life and education by her teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan (later also known as Mrs. Macey, the editor's wife).  As Aziloth Books' edition is aimed at young readers, we decided to omit these appendices and instead offer an album of eighteen archive photos of Ms. Keller from 1887, when she was seven years old, to the late 1920s.  We felt this pictorial record would help to make an inspiring story all the more engaging. 

  The appendices consist of Ms. Keller's letters from 1887 to 1901 and a supplementary account of her education, including passages from the reports and letters of Ms. Sullivan. Aziloth Books indicated that these appendices were accessible on our new Resources page and so here they are – just click on the link below. 



THE DIDACHE: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles; Roswell D. Hitchcock & Francis Brown, eds. & trans., with Introduction & Notes

 The translators of this edition, first published in 1884, published a revised and much enlarged edition in 1885. Interested students of The Didache can access this at: