Aziloth Books was established in 2010 by Drs. Keith and Liz Laidler (Dunelm, Cantab).  We have both spent 25 plus years in television and the media, filming, producing and directing over a  dozen wildlife documentaries for such companies as the BBC and National Geographic. Our wildlife documentary business has taken us to Guyana, St. Vincent, Ghana, Oman and China. We have also written books, and have 15 titles to our credit, including best-selling works on giant otters, the Turin shroud, our surveillance society, and Cixi, the last Empress of China.  

   Book-writing led to an interest in publishing and to the realization that many books were either not published because of publishing ‘fads’ or prejudices, while certain genres were not given the prominence they deserved. And  
voila! Aziloth Books was born, showcasing the best in literary classics and bringing together in one site the world’s most important esoteric and spiritual works. 

   Aziloth Books is a small, approachable company, and has ambitious plans for the coming years. We are establishing new imprints (the most recent being our Children’s Classics series) and will extend our reach into additional  genres. We intend to remain at the forefront of change in this rapidly-evolving industry, for both paper-based and electronic formats, giving value for money to readers and authors alike.

   We would love to hear your comments and queries on the company, or indeed on absolutely anything. Please get in touch using the contact form on our contact page. We hope that you enjoy our website and, of course, our books!