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Welcome to Aziloth Books

Aziloth Books publishes a wide range of titles ranging from hard-to-find esoteric books - Parchment Books – to classic works on fiction, politics and philosophy – Cathedral Classics.  Our youngest imprint, Aziloth Books Children's Classics, has gone from strength to strength, with vibrant new covers and illustrations to complement some of the world's very best children's tales.  All our imprints are offered to the reader at a competitive price and through as many mediums and outlets as possible.

We are committed to excellent book production and strive, whenever possible, to add value to our titles with original images, maps and author introductions.  Just click on Parchment Books, Cathedral Classics and Aziloth Books Children's Classics to browse our offerings.  You will not be disappointed!


Below is our new selection of best-selling titles for you to browse through.  Just click on the thumbnail to link to Amazon, where you can access Look Inside.


  statue and part of a building beneath the sea  Om symbol with small boat on river, sun setting 

  Witch with Hansel & Gretel bean seedling with shoot emerging Two firemen in WW2 by flaming building Magus invoking spell



We sell mainly via online book sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but also offer U.K. bookstores favourable discounts for orders of 5 or more, and special discounts on large 'National Curriculum' orders.  Please contact us to discuss. Those individuals wishing to patronise their local book store, should go to the relevant menu page above – Parchment Books, Cathedral Classics or Children's Classics – and click on the title's 'details' button (a link to Amazon.co.uk) for ISBN and synopsis information.

Desk copies

Bona fide universities and other similar institutions should request complimentary desk copies at least four weeks before the start of semester.  Please email Liz or Keith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.